History has little to do with actual dates, and one day scholars and laypeople alike will acknowledge that the 21st century started on September 11, 2001.

Like millions around the world, I watched the World Trade Center attacks in stunned silence.

After a few days - as the world mourned the murder of thousands - I wrote these verses in tribute to those who lost their lives.

I wanted to do something to comfort the loved ones that the dead had left behind.

Reading it now reminds me of the somber gravity and sorrow of the days following the attack. They are feelings I hope we all experience in some way - however briefly - on this terrible anniversary.

Say no words,
Because there are none for this thing.

Instead, let silence speak.
Weep, and gather together in your silence.

Say no words,
Sing instead, and let melody,
Recount your horror and anger and melancholy,
Make it beautiful and strong.

Or be united in silence,
United with your brothers and sisters,
Who have disappeared,
Into that silence.

Say no words.