Symposium - Published Pieces

(Author's note: In the mid-1990s, I was fortunate to have some creative writing published in Symposium - Western's Student Arts and Literary Magazine. An amicable association with the magazine's editor-in-chief gave my work airing, despite the fact that my university attendance over the years was nominal at best.

In adapting this work for archives, I've standardized the copy, revising syntax and grammar where applicable.)

If you sow a seed in fear,
The angels come not near,
But if you sow a seed in love,
They will carry you above.

I knew a girl who told me that if she could draw a perfect circle, it would indicate that she was crazy. All the time I was with her, she was drawing these circles. Later, we went and smoked a joint, and convinced ourselves that squirrels wear surveillance cameras to inform the police of people taking a notion to smoking pot outdoors.

Dreams...fleeting images of another reality. We dream to escape; we make love to feel whole. dance in the rain and laugh with the sun. To be naked, body and soul, and not ashamed. To die for another. Love is a dream. True love is death.

Poetry...seeds of the heart - the emotion of words - the power of phrase. It dances on the fence between death, between life. Poetry is not written, only inspired.

Wisdom...the end of fear, the beginning of love.

(1992, pub. 1996)

All muses & angels & dragons,
Really do exist,
In the early morning mist,
Where all gods & devils,
Do reside,
And forever act as guides.

This moment is life; an expression of eternity.
We are moving through miracle days.
Imagination & reason & passion & will are expressions of the divine in humanity.
It's hard for the dreamer to make people believe the reality of his imagination.
Sex is language of the body, love a symbol of the soul.
Death is the consummation of life & fear & hope.
Everything has two meanings - one is apparent, the other inherent.
Truth did not come into the world naked.
All the great prophets, artists, poets, orators, men & women spoke about the truth.
Service to man is service to God.
You always have the choice - All things are made possible through the imagination.
We are the first generation to live our lives like we are on camera.
All things are forgotten at birth - this is a sin.

Rolled smoke,
From the Gospel of Mark.
When papers are scarce,
It only makes sense.

There is no sense in saying 'why',
The answer is always 'because'.
And 'because' becomes the truth.
And 'because' becomes the law.
And 'because' kept us from the garden,
After the fall.
These things are what they are,
And will be how we see,
'Because' becomes the truth,
And all truth has a key,
To another truth, of course!
Though some may call them lies,
But the lie is soon exposed,
So a truth can then arise.
And a truth will change and grow with you,
And a truth becomes what you do,
And a truth will die and be reborn,
A truth is forever changing its form.
To some, this will seem a lie,
So that is the truth within it,
Minds are lines and so they end,
But this truth is infinite.
So there is no truth,
So there is no lie,
And 'because' is begging to be asked 'why',
And 'because' is begging to be asked 'why'.