Seduction of the Muse - Amends

The forest is quiet now, though never silent,
Only whispering.

And the leaves are turning, fading fast.

For now,
The scene is burnt crimson and gold,
A last celebration of light before the onset of winter,
And the promise of another spring.

Love gets boys crazy in the head.

I recall the first question I asked you,
"Healer, how can you do it without losing yourself in another?"
You couldn't answer then,
But maybe you could now.

Or maybe I should answer my own questions.

Experience is a whore who expects a price be paid;
Wisdom is a lady who demands a sacrifice be made.

A changing season is coming on,
And soon the forest will wear a white shroud,
While walking there, I experience all manner of mystery unfolding,
As if travelling a path alongside a numinous, omnipresent spirit.

I have witnessed the epic song.
Shall I sing the vision I have seen in my mind's eye?
Shall I sing again, my muse, for another dawn to find?

For a long time, man wandered, searching, questing,
Attempting to go beyond himself,
To realize a world of his own creation,
Yet without woman, it could not be.

He was alone, and she would not join him.

After a while, her spirit became mystery,
Then her mystery was fear,
Conflating both, she became unknown to him,
Which was the thing man feared most.

But in the ripeness of the moment,
She speaks with her own voice,
It rises on the wind,
A gust of chance and wonder,
Cascading across the land.

She will not be silent,
Or have her words filtered through poet's verse.
For a day is coming,
When woman and man will join their voices in chorus,
And petition to be carried above their fallen state.

Could we dance to a new theme?
Could we create a new truth?
Will it demand a new lie?

Better to dismiss it altogether...

But could we do it?
Could we dance to a new theme?

Love gets boys crazy in the head,
Amends must be made,
But for now, this is enough.

So I call to you, sweet imagination,
To show me the way back home,
I am alone but I am not lonely.

Finally, wrapped in arms of night,
I sleep...I sleep...I dream...

Suddenly and forever
I am one, surveying the sky,
Wondering if you watch the same stars,
As I.

Seduction of the Muse