Work Story

I applied at Greenpeace one day (kind of on a whim), and was asked at my interview, "If I was supreme dictator of the world, how would I change things?" The man who was being interviewed with me said that he believed in democracy, and that a dictatorship would offend his political sensibilities. (Perhaps he needed to be offended?) Intoxicated with my new found power, I proposed taking back control from large corporations and balancing out the affluence of the first world and the poverty of the third. I said there should be revolution. When I said this, the interviewer looked at me closely. Later, I was taken into the interviewer's office, and we set a date when I could walk the turf and learn the trade. She told me that she had some friends who believed in the revolution, and that she just did not want to see anyone get hurt. (I hadn't meant that at all.) The man who did not believe in dictatorship was not there the next day when I showed up to work. I made $10 that day.