Rebirth of Vision - Meeting

It was in the forest where I found them, or they found me.
I will never be certain what winds of fate,
Brought me to that holy place,
At a most unlikely hour.

There was a sea of light shifting slowly across the forest floor,
And all was at peace, in quiet anticipation.
The trees would dance in the summer breeze,
Whispering the winds' secrets to me.

And I came down a path singing in celebration.
And I was all I beheld.
And I sang because I knew I was home.
And I sang because the spirit was upon me.
And I sang because I was naked in my nature, and unashamed.

The path I traversed ascended a ridge,
And as I made my way to the top,
My mind was suddenly lightened,
And I looked up the way,
Witnessing there a most awesome sight.

At the top of the ridge,
Awash in ethereal glow and numinous mystique,
Were two angels dressed in white.
The heavenly agents had the appearance of young girls,
Beautiful, with hair like the night.

They said nothing, regarding me curiously,
And I apprehended that I may have caused some imposition,
For angels do not tarry long in the world of men.
I relented that my voice could have invaded the home of such beings,
But this was not their home,
So they dismissed my concern with a word.

I continued along my way, convinced truly that this was a vision,
When I heard the angels pursuing.
They called me back; I turned and they approached.

When we were together,
The angels asked, "What is your name?" And I answered.
I was asked again, "What is your real name?" And I answered,
But with growing wonderment at the scene.

Their last question is seared in memory,
Though the event is years past, they asked,
"Have you searched yourself well enough
To know if that is your true name?"

And certainly, these were angels,
Pure, innocent children, barefoot, laughing,
But with ancient eyes and attentive ears,
To testify to truths I would speak that day.

One angel was named Tristessa,
And she was a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The other - the Muse to whom I give all thanks,
My Beloved, and the prolific spirit that inspires these verses.

And the wind whispered its approval,
And the trees rose up in response,
Bright birds sang bold songs, many passing overhead.
As we talked...

When the time had come, we parted ways,
I to my world, and they to theirs.
As I pondered the happenings of that day,
All that had transpired I found to be,
In the pursuit of the heart's way.

Then I sang again, for the sun was in the west,
And day would soon yield to night.

So I turned, ascending the path,
And made my way back into the world.

Seduction of the Muse: Rebirth of Vision