Seduction of the Muse - The Poet's Dream

The glories came calling one day and showed me to eternity.
Colours of paradise pale with words,
But it was as if the wonder had always been.
There, on the fringes of apocalypse,
The moment when it all changes,
I saw the marriage!

Oh, wondrous blessed vision,
Return into the sky.
Christ and his Chosen, the Chosen and her Christ,
And a thousand thousand choirs of angels,
Singing praise to the most high.

I swear,
You were there, O maiden,
And your beauty was awesome.
Innumerable star-filled nights shone in your eyes,
A dress threaded of finest silk,
You were adorned in the righteousness of saints.

Are you the oldest of Earth's children?

I saw day and night reconciled,
I saw heaven and earth fall into each other,
And a new truth born.
In Gaia's womb, nature rises to give assent,
A marriage favoured by the Goddess is thrice-blessed.

From this man and woman arises the hope of the future,
But the bridge between them passes over ever-quickening waters,
Though the vision was fleeting, I saw the river running,
Ice cold and rising.

Then the glories returned me to my form,
And with most gracious dispatch,
I bid them Godspeed, though they needed it not.
And in the distance, I heard a trumpet call,
Such wonders that are still to come,
Oh, Earth's daughter!
Oh, Heaven's son!

Seduction of the Muse