The Lost Writings of Jude O'Connor - 7

You will notice - indeed, you may have already - that there is a tendency in my exposition to stray from the intent articulated at the introduction of this document. Perhaps you've also observed a distinct (some will say feeble) flair for the dramatic, or a marked inability to provide full accounting of the ideas already proposed.

For these reasons, and more, some of you already consider me a very ignorant man. Others acknowledge the trait, with humorous misgiving, and by doing so, you absolve me. There are times when the most serious passage of my work can evoke a comic response from me; I chuckle and titter diabolically like an old witch from the Scottish play.

But a warning to those who consider my musings and confessions at mealtimes or while snacking - I am more like a fire in your belly than a well-cooked roast...