Seduction of the Muse - The Dance

There were three of us dancing,
When the rain came.

The clouds burst,
And I saw you both swirling, spinning,
Running, jumping in pools and puddles,
Moving with the wind,
Intoxicated with release,
A baptism after sweltering, summer heat...

...that was a humid night.

I remember steam rising from the baked asphalt,
As the rain set in, lightning split the sky,
And deepening rolls of thunder sounded.

The storm was relentless, raging,
So I surrendered,
Weaving myself through motion and remembrance.

To be among the children of the storm,
I love to watch them dance.
And when they beseech,
I join them in praise.

Together, we sing,
Our hands raised.

To the passion and power of the storm,
In your cleansing rain, we are reborn.

Seduction of the Muse