The Lost Writings of Jude O'Connor - 8

These passages aren't the contents of some loose bible, though I have made many claims already that you have deemed unsavoury. Understand that my 'philosophy' is the study of everything - the essential aspect that unites all practice, experience and knowledge. Mine is a truth born of suffering, the same as all things. I raised it with patience and love. As a result of this birth, I have awoken to an entirely new world, an undiscovered frontier. None of the traditional moral, metaphysical, or scientific precepts apply here, and it has become necessary to create a language, so I can articulate my experiences to you. In the delicate faculty of the conscious mind, which - to my understanding - stresses order and abstraction, I am an abomination. I am both subversive and sublime; a virus sent to infect everyone - even myself - in a valiant (and perhaps foolish) attempt to facilitate the birth of this new truth in others. In short, I am just like you...only more so.