The Lost Writings of Jude O'Connor - 1

In these late days, I've had no time for discourse of any kind. Truly, the very thought of art - and of religion, its spawn - was driving me quite mad until fairly recently, when I was involved in a discovery found deep in the bowels of the Earth. The price of this discovery? My innocence! Yes, you virgins, you poets who lust for them, hear the truth - "Everything here is transitory; my love is eternal". In life, there are cycles to be rounded - one wheel is innocence and one wheel is experience; its number is 8. I say to any person with ears to hear: master the number, and you will exit the cycle...

But enough! I am here to discuss the nature of art and religion, and the higher cognitive faculties of reasoning and imagination. I rarely volunteer information, since thoughts - yours and mine - are fiery things, and warm to the touch. Sometimes, however, I offer musings for public consideration, though I myself do not yet know their significance. For example, Jesus once appeared to me in a moment of passion, a moment of decision, and told me I could not trust anyone. Now, what is this - madness? Almost certainly, and yet perhaps Jesus didn't understand the implications of what he said either...oh, think me mad! So it may be. Here is another secret I heard during my recent travels - there are more things in Heaven and Earth, and we are in both!  

What's that? The laughter of the rabble already? No matter; that is their ignorance - God isn't dead, we are. But time my is short and eternity is looming, so I'd best get to my work. Get thee behind me, Satan! Thou art a sloth!